Visit Showroom Bed Base: Royal Bed Brand


  • Optimal support of your body thanks to 5 adjustable areas
  • Adjusted to your wishes
  • Innovation technology
  • Individual Measurement System (IMS)
  • XBS® (eXtra Back Support)
  • Slide Back Function
  • Simple Remote Control
  • 80% open structure
  • 10.000 support points
  • Steel structure

Additional Features And Benefits

  • The Auping Royal is entirely designed for individual sleeping comfort at the highest level.
  • The Royal M5 is a fully electric version equipped with an electrically adjustable back section, head support, XBS® (eXtra Back Support), knee- bend and foot lift. A knee-bend is created when the foot section is adjusted. The bed is equipped with a comfort zone at shoulder level that self-adjusts to conform to the shoulder’s contours
  • A unique innovative bed, which is sure to contribute to optimal rest at night and maximum energy during the day.
  • The hinge points of the Individual Measurement System (IMS) of your Royal can be adjusted to your body length. This feature combined with other adjustment options ensures optimal comfort also in a sitting position because of adequate support of the upper legs.
  • The handset incorporates a memory function, synchronized bed adjustment function, an on/off function for the light in the docking station, an alarm clock with multiple melodies, and a child lock. The docking station serves as a charging station, as well as a handset holder. The docking station is equipped with integrated lighting, including a wake-up function.
  • Wake up well rested and fresh. Ready for a new day. Because of the 80% open structure of the mesh base there is a lot of room for a clean, fresh air supply.
  • The mesh base is the only base that offers support on every square centimeter because of more than 10,000 support points and always returns to its original position.
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Bed Base: Royal Bed Brand

  • Brand: Auping
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