E-Gel Sky 4000


  • Water absorbent stretch fabric cover.
  • Exclusive and Trendy Tight-Top design.
  • 2.5 cm Gel infused Memory foam comfort layer.
  • Gel infused Memory foam cover the complete surface of the sleep system.
  • 5 cm viscopedic memory foam comfort layer.
  • High-density plush foam support layer and core.
  • Non-Flip construction.

Additional Features And Benefits

  • Cotton infused bubbles design cover insulates the sleep system and allows a better blood flow through out the night.
  • Permanently bonded memory foam and Gel cells surface conforms to you body and help you maintain a lower body temperature essential for a comfortable sleep.
  • Viscopedic memory foam is very responsive and provides support to your movements during sleep.
  • High-density plush foam allows you to maintain proper spinal alignment.
  • Scientifically designed foam core absorb vibrations to allow you an un-disturbed sleep.
  • Industry-leading quality control testing.

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E-Gel Sky 4000

  • Brand: E-gel
  • Product Code: Egel3
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  • 5,519 AED

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