Memory Foam

The Best Memory Foam Mattress for You

Memory foam is manufactured from a material called viscoelastic, and it was originally designed and used by NASA for airplane seats in the mid-1960s. As it is soft and highly energy absorbent, it is deemed by many as an ideal material for mattresses.

A memory foam mattress adjusts to the temperature and pressure of the body lying on it. This property allows it to adapt to a person's body heat, as well as to distribute weight evenly and to return to its original shape once the source of the pressure has been removed. It also offers other benefits, such as helping relieve body pain and soreness.

A bed made of this material is also a good option for people who are easily awakened by the movements of the person sleeping next to them. Because this type of bed can be made without using coiled springs, the movements of a person will hardly make any impact on the bed. Hence, the other person will feel these movements less and will be able to sleep more soundly.

The Mattress Store features a myriad of beds made of foam mattress and its variations, such as gel mattress. We offer it in different sizes to meet the unique needs of individuals, couples and even families. Our beds are also available in various levels of firmness or softness so you can be sure you do not have to compromise when it comes to your ideal sleeping arrangement.

To get a better idea of the foam gel mattresses we offer, explore our website for an array of options. We also carry brands that are trusted and esteemed in the industry, so you can guarantee the quality of the bed you are eyeing. If you need assistance, we have experienced and knowledgeable staff that are specifically tasked to handle online queries.

With so many options, you can surely find the one that fits your preferences, room size and design, and budget. Start sleeping like a baby with the perfect bed for you!

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Dream Zone Euro Top Mattress

Features Luxurious Euro-Top design PBDE free ViscoPedic Memory Foam Comfort Layer. Full surround foam incased spring co..

5,831 AED

My Side Series 10

FeaturesIndependent side-by-side support for you and your sleep partner.Luxurious Euro-Top design.3.5 cm Comfortable contour surface layer .5 cm Visco..

14,175 AED

My Side Series 8

FeaturesIndependent side-by-side support for you and your sleep partner.Luxurious Euro-Top design.Comfortable contour surface layer.2.5 cm Viscopedic ..

8,925 AED

Princess Pillow Mattress

FeaturesOrganic Cotton Cover.Plush Pillow-Top design.Memory Foam Comfort Layer.Full surround foam incased spring core.Higher count individually coiled..

5,112 AED

Viscopedic Memory Foam Collection

FeaturesRemovable & Washable.Zipper cover made with stretch knitted fabric.8 cm Memory Foam Comfort Layer.15 cm Foam Core.Non-Flip construction.Ad..

2,768 AED