Technogel® Living seating supports reinforce proper posture and provide the ultimate cool comfort for your tailbone and lower back. Ideal for anyone who sits for long periods, the Technogel Seat Pad provides superior relief for your tailbone region with unmatched pressure distribution.

AED 650.00

(based on Width 16cm Length 16cm Height 2cm)

Brand Name : Technogel
Model : Seat Pads
Comfort Layer : Gel
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Ease Sacrum and Coccyx Pain

Ergonomically designed to offer extraordinary comfort during the most ordinary activity – sitting. Set the seat cushion below your tailbone, and that makes one less pain in your day!

Sized for your Seat

We've taken the same tower-grid gel technology first introduced in 1990 to relieve the nagging discomfort of those bound to wheelchairs and reinvented it into a 16x16" cushion everyone can enjoy, on any chair.

Support and Pressure Relief

Adapting like water but with the support of a solid, Technogel® reacts uniquely to your body to ease pressure. By molding this unique gel with memory foam, we create cushions that offer superior support and comfort all day long.

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