uCrown 3 Head Massager

OSIM uCrown 3 head massager combines air pressure massage, vibration massage, with soothing heat and relaxation music to relieve tension, insomnia and stiff neck.

AED 1,050.00

Brand Name : OSIM
Looking For : Head Massager
Model : uCrown 3
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  • The uCrown 3 effectively relaxes your mind and helps you to restore good energy, enabling you to face daily challenges at optimal physical and mental well-being. The uCrown 3 comes with soothing warmth to provide instant relief from aches and strain caused by stress, further enhancing the benefits of the massage.
  • Relax and calm your tired mind with a distinctive music piece designed for each auto program, the uCrown 3 offers you both physical and mental relaxation at the same time. It comes with a pair of earphones and built-in speakers, allowing you to enjoy your music.The remote controller is also equipped with an auto shut-off safety feature if left idle for 3 minutes, making it safe and energy efficient.

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